The Unintentionals

2nd Letter

Girls scream my name like Tenchi Tenchi Tenchi…Muyo, Universe, and in Tokyo/Niggas hate me cuz the bars set on Sensui I got that crazy flow/Or maybe cuz like Tenchi I’m royalty and I ain’t even know/ Stylin’ on these niggas & they lookin’ stupid like Bobobo-bo bo-bobo/not only am I a beast but I’m the leader of the pack call me Lion-O/you try to do the same but prove to be a lil nigga like hamtaro/thought you was cool but that fuck shit made me have to pull your card like Yu-Gi-oh/while I keep getting stronger watch me build up all this chakra like I’m Naruto/Ok now let’s switch it up I’m tired of these similes/bars too great I don’t need to be revamped in order for you to remember me/tryin to be the only one at the top I got that stand alone complex/I’m pulling miracles out of thin air like a fuckin alchemist/ now watch as the opposition becomes a dead man wonderland/I see you’re nothing more than a ghost in the shell….of a man/ one man army I can do everything they can like Ben 10/Or maybe Batman cuz the people know who to call when it’s time to go in

Toonami Raps

I fucks wit no three eyes, save Tenshinhan. The hands you putting on is weaker than the megaton. I’m Vash to the stampedes on my Yusuke when yo spirit bleeds, the heaviest gundam strapped like Trowa Barton in these streets I’m peaked. Other bars is Tenseiga to my rappin Code Lyoko when they happen like they never really happened. I warm it up like a Moltres because I’m fly too, flapping wings to set fire to you pigeons thats tryna fly to.  I go S-cry-ed on these niggas that wanna talk head, Death Note flows you take L’s like L until you all dead it’s real.