The Unintentionals

Murder Nigga Monday

It’s Murder Nigga Monday so I guess my life’s at stake/gotta get my weight up you know increase my caloric intake/so now the rap game is a buffet & the competition’s on my dinner plate/completely booked my schedule for next month since I’m attending all these wakes/because in no way do I take being the best in the lightest/my new god flow set on death I’m the new Osiris/at best you could only be Anubis yeah you my son I thought you knew this/so lil nigga learn your lineage & pay ya old man homage/Niggas actin like Cypher in the Matrix holdin on to the idea of ignorance being bliss/blind to the knowledge of a desolate world being the one in which they exist/& yeah I’m the Architect so I created that/wack ass MC’s piss me off & that’s how I react/Remember this is murder nigga Monday this how I BEGIN my week/I feel I’m only being merciful delivering a swift death to the weak/but that’s only the first of many obligations for the young god/the competition thinks they can fuck with me so it’s death to whoever sold them that facade

Murder Nigga Monday

Jeans don’t bleed nigga coming off the cuff, them white shoe strings in the J’s aint enough. Dental pearl chain cuz Im back and forth flossing I’m running with the game either way you wanna call it. Shout my nigga Ritz, shout my nigga Dunes, working on the track like a pair of Nike Zooms. All black clique nigga legion of doom, only earth nigga in the force like Recoome. Urban out sweats, frames and a button up this god shit is magic, niggas keep they muggle up. Out here running base to the right like I’m Sosa, dumping on Montana’s guns never in the holster. Say another mother fucking word and this shits over, Sam Jackson with the pistol giving grease out the range rover. Get yo face tatted up like the hangover, aint a porn star alive that could come colder, lane changing off the left shoulder, mixing Texas in the cup with some grape soda. Hold the finish on my jumper just to mouth a hater, so that’s one Jay down like a elevator. I run the west in some red octobers thought I told you, I’m bicken back bringing blood to the summer, at you like twitter taking heads with a stunner, but you aint even know I’m stone cold with the wrist glow, but hotter than that sauté with some crisco. Ray bans just for how the Jacob gleam though, and either way she swing she giving up Nabisco. Make it rain I don’t count stacks, I just blow it in a month and make it all back. Because the internet nigga I got life hacks, making black Michael ask where the white at. I got a louis knapsack that I smash with, something like Meagan Good fixing up a nigga sandwich. I blow that bitch back out like some house slippers, light skins in the house you some field niggas. But really RIP is everything y’all need you better off taking blades to your wrist like Assassins Creed.

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Just because

I ask myself how can I keep my humility intact when greatness is what I want to obtain/I make the differences between me & the competition apparent & just come off as vain/I’m exposing all these “kings” let the people know they’re self proclaimed/so if you can’t live up to your words then I’ma sully yo name/swear it was an reenactment the way these niggas wanna play me/so focused on taking my style when they should take heed/bars deadly I’m one of the four horsemen don’t you see me on top of this steed/so get use to everything you’re feeling now as your dreams of being the one recede/now you look like you had a gastric bypass you ain’t eatin like you use to/I’m turning carnivores to herbivores but that’s just the usual/now they got the feeling they need something else to believe in/got tired of the beef so they went vegan/but I’m a creature of habit so I’ma die in my ways/that means devouring you niggas on the mic all I see are fillets/ and this shit ain’t no trend or new craze/ I’m constipated I been on the same old shit all day

2nd Letter

Girls scream my name like Tenchi Tenchi Tenchi…Muyo, Universe, and in Tokyo/Niggas hate me cuz the bars set on Sensui I got that crazy flow/Or maybe cuz like Tenchi I’m royalty and I ain’t even know/ Stylin’ on these niggas & they lookin’ stupid like Bobobo-bo bo-bobo/not only am I a beast but I’m the leader of the pack call me Lion-O/you try to do the same but prove to be a lil nigga like hamtaro/thought you was cool but that fuck shit made me have to pull your card like Yu-Gi-oh/while I keep getting stronger watch me build up all this chakra like I’m Naruto/Ok now let’s switch it up I’m tired of these similes/bars too great I don’t need to be revamped in order for you to remember me/tryin to be the only one at the top I got that stand alone complex/I’m pulling miracles out of thin air like a fuckin alchemist/ now watch as the opposition becomes a dead man wonderland/I see you’re nothing more than a ghost in the shell….of a man/ one man army I can do everything they can like Ben 10/Or maybe Batman cuz the people know who to call when it’s time to go in

Toonami Raps

I fucks wit no three eyes, save Tenshinhan. The hands you putting on is weaker than the megaton. I’m Vash to the stampedes on my Yusuke when yo spirit bleeds, the heaviest gundam strapped like Trowa Barton in these streets I’m peaked. Other bars is Tenseiga to my rappin Code Lyoko when they happen like they never really happened. I warm it up like a Moltres because I’m fly too, flapping wings to set fire to you pigeons thats tryna fly to.  I go S-cry-ed on these niggas that wanna talk head, Death Note flows you take L’s like L until you all dead it’s real.