The Unintentionals

Sep 16

Not Sure

Do you fuck with your boy?

Or you still not sure?

Everybody I know is eating or going on tour

Making moves before they realize success can allure 

Looking back before they knew that they were meant to be sure 

It’s honest

Like how much you really gotta to put in?

Even asking that question lets everybody know your just beginnin

It’s levels to the tiers

Through the writer blocks and the fears

Studying careers and sifting through what really appears in the mirrors is deep

But you can swim where you wanna swim 

On the bottom in the middle or the surface if you wanna win

Context is a state of mind

If I’m running for election than the state is mine 

Are you scared of the fall?

Or excited to fly? 

Fear is fear 

We all die

So how you not alive? 

The moment is pure 

But the journey’s grandeur 

So do you fuck with your boy?

Or is you still not sure?


Psycho Insane/ Samurai for hire/ Bed of Beliefs

Cuzzo I’m Psycho insane surely to crack inside the brain/
Setting this world a flame/

Samurai for hire/
Samurai a dire need for success/
Believe the skills you perceive are blessed/

I think I met her in the window a Geisha/
She’s a player I’m Nintendo/
Like a flower petal she goes wherever wind blows/
There was an aroma that night/
Burntwood the air filled with fright/
Full moon starry skies what a site

I don’t sleep/
I live in a messy bed of beliefs/
Am i righteous sinful how can I live with this grief/
The demons inside will they ever release/

Sasuke Uchiha

Call me Sasuke Uchiha with the symbol on my chest
You don’t got to believe I know Im the best
You can see it in my eyes I don’t compare to the rest
Genin exam I don’t need that test
Got lighting in hand fire on breath
Shinobi skills that would put a kage to death

Seek passion or love

As this Pen leeks my Soul and stains the paper wit my feelings

It’s a journey through my mind of thoughts that are appealing 

Spiritual healing for a hart that’s torn

something like the lions paw that got stuck wit a thorn     

As I seek my passion and love for this art

I wonder if this rode ever leads to the right woman’s hart

Time to far for me to tell

As I seek my passion and love one is art

The other ive lost time has kept us to far apart

I wonder if this rode ever leads to the right woman’s hart

Time to far for me to tell

……….every day trying to keep my head held

reciting every line



That will lead me to the right women’s hart

Sun Drips

Sun drips out the sky painting a divine seen

Solar beams orange yellow purple and blue as due gleams  

With my beautiful queen

I shortly realized I was walking in a dream

I cant comprehend the torn seams on the jersey

That she put on for my team

She left a mark deep in my hart

A Fantastic fantasy that my mind draws up

my vision blurry 3rd eye’s corrupt

so it ended abrupt

open up my eyes to realize real love does die

as easy  as rose petals shrivel up and dry

The harmony of her voice when she spoke…….


is me in the bed half dead


Marinated mines float in divine juice
to find truth

Let loose in a blow called earth

Those how

 Seek it
leek it

Spirit sinks
minds shrink

Mary Jane/Japanness animation

I’m feeling like Peter Parker cuz I’m feenin for Mary Jane/

She never asking me question she never one to complain/

I say she lifting up my soul others say she fucking wit my brain/

But its all good I continue to maintain

Its fucking lame

I got this fascination wit Japanese animation/

that got me contemplatin witch Jutsu is the best


My voice is about you

Catch me in the middle of the words I say

Love I say

Is destined to be on top of this

Visualizing the real 

My consciousness is so ill

Take pills just to love your light

These words a minute my type

Speaking to your language 

How dope is high enough to fly

Comatose from the colors in my eye

affect my dye 

Your roof to me is in the sky 

I want you for affinity 

Just stay behind and come sit with me

Nature’s calling our entity

If I sleep with you then your the enemy

So just say hallo and keep it interesting 

You know I pray for you over anything


December (Old 2010 stuff)

Damn baby you’re much colder than I remember/
When we began it was hot like August but now it’s lookin more like December/ Wish I would’ve seen this coming guess it’s the downside of being a beginner/ But I ain’t turning back I’m on some hero shit like I’m one of the Avengers/ Wanted you to be my Scarlet Witch cuz I was already your Vision/
Was on a crash course to love with my seatbelt on cuz I was ready for that collision/ Wondering if this is all a jedi mind trick the way you easily alter my decisions/ Cuz I’m feeling everything you say like a newsletter, where do I go for subscription/ But it seems like the feeling may not be mutual/
I’m hurt but you can’t see it baby, my injuries are contusional/
Got me out of character actin distraught asking what you do this fo’ (for)/ How you switch up from 98.6 to almost 3 below/
I feel like that fire inside you is dying, I can see the embers/
When it comes to us it seems you’re amnesiac & I just want to help you remember/ I ain’t pointing fingers I’m here with open arms so there’s no need to forgive you/ And I’ll always long for the days of August but right now it seems we’re in December

Still have old stuff from 2010

Call them haters kevin sydney cuz they all wanna mimic me/
I mean we/
My whole click fresh we believe in continuity/
Cuff yo girl if you don’t want her to be the latest inductee/
Ain’t sayin that’s our motive but we about to pop & she lookin mighty thirsty/ But we ain’t seeing her like she susan storm/
We tryin to get to the top like that’s where we were born/
Cuz our flow is like Adriana Lima, pretty foreign/
Oh & ya’ll claim ya’ll new new well don’t be offended if I call ya Lauren/ & no tip for you suckas get yo experience up like a RPG/
& we about to kill ya dreams hope you enjoyed ya final fantasy/
Cuz our bars strong we got the ward on lock no infinity/
flow deadly like aids no remedy/
So if you see us someone better call the CDC/

More Super old 2010 stuff

80’s baby came a lil late but I made it in the right class/
Plus you know how it go the best things tend to be saved for last/
& for those who choose to hate I guess it’s just a concept that you can’t grasp/ I’m killin shit and you mad cuz you thought that was your task/
Damn and all I can do is pity you/
& the way you let these yes men blow you up to the point where you became delusional/ Feelin like you top dog and you reached the pinnacle/
Till you see me pass you by and yo view of me gets more cynical/
But I could care less bout the hatin cuz you know I’m bound to abolish it/ Scooby Doo flow everyone already know who the monster is/
& the so called competition are nothin more than slots on my grocery list/ I got em’ actin like lil kids they hoping that I don’t exist/
But the last thing I would ever be is fictional/
Was brought up to be real so anything other than that ain’t keepin it traditional/ & being authentic in my opinion is so pivotal/
But I guess we all don’t learn at the same pace, ya’ll remedial